MBA for All

The Gojoy MBA is a free programme open to students from all over the world. Our mission is to give students from under-privileged backgrounds and remote areas the opportunity to follow an MBA programme. The Gojoy MBA is for free and students come out with a profit-generating ecommerce business at the end of the programme.

The Foundation is an intense two-weeks workshop, where students get an overview of the ecommerce industry, social commerce, behavioural science, decentralisation, game
design, and token economics.

This phase is followed by Gojoy Labs—to guarantee that the MBA is really hands-on! At zero cost, students set up an ecommerce business. They use their profit-generating business to test the concepts they learn in class. Gojoy Lab Mentors guide students through the 5 Growth Levels they must conquer in order to obtain the Gojoy MBA. Students can choose the Mentor they want and enroll in their lab.


At Gojoy, we believe that untapping the human potential in developing countries is about giving them the right tools and the right knowledge. If the entrepreneurial spirit is alive, prosperity will follow suit.

Gojoy Labs

Once students enroll in a lab, students begin managing a Gojoy Storefront. They are guided through the simple steps required to start receiving profits one hour after their first referred purchase.

In the Gojoy Lab, students learn about Social Assets, Viral Growth Techniques and Ecommerce Business Finance. Students experiment with their own business and discover which techniques work better for them.

In the Gojoy MBA, students do not study business cases or do simulations, they are immersed in the real world of commerce. From day one, they become entrepreneurs and generate income that helps them improve the living standards of themselves and their families.

Areas of Study

The Gojoy MBA is a flexible program that incorporates the latest trends in technology, business and marketing. The courses are relevant and introduce cutting-edge technologies and concepts, giving students the tools to frog-leap their current labour/financial situation.


Social Commerce

These courses introduce the concept of social commerce as a tendency that empowers everyone to monetise their own networks.

—Ecommerce Basics
—Traditional Ecommerce Business Models
—Social Ecommerce Business Models
—Target Consumers

Behavioural Science

You will learn about the human and social behaviour that underlies business decisions consumers make.


—Social Psychology

—Consumer Behaviour
—Game Theory

Social Game Design

These courses introduce techniques to gamify your ecommerce business.

—Game Design Ingredients
—Scarcity and Rewards
—Timeline and Flow
—Gamifying the User Experience

Decentralised Economy

Internet and tech companies make way, the decentralised economy is marching on! Get an overview of the new economy that is emerging in the world. How decentralised business models spread the wealth among communities, and lead to more transparent companies.

—Wealth Generation
—Decentralized Business Models
—Impact of Asset Ownership

Blockchain Token Economy

The courses give you a tour through the amazing world of blockchain; showing the incredible possibilities in transparency, trust and scale this technology can open

—Introduction to Blockchain
—Tokens and Coins
—Token Design


Building Your Social Assets

Your ecommerce business depends on the traffic you can generate. Your footprint on social networks and the Internet are your assets. Here you learn how to identify, enhance and manage those assets.

—Platform Comparison
—Rules to Influence Your Network
—Influencer Marketing
—Group Marketing

Viral Growth Techniques

These courses focus on training you to come up with marketing strategies, testing them, and adjusting them rapidly according to the customer feedback you get.

—Growth Hacking
—Social Engagement
—8 Techniques to Love You
—Viral Growth Factor
—Guerrilla Marketing

Ecommerce Business Finance

Students learn to manage their ecommerce business at a financial level, understanding about assets and digital assets. How to profit from assets and how investment decisions are made.

—Assets vs Cash
—ROI Calculation
—Building Lifetime Assets
—Exponential Growth Technique
—Investing in Other Assets

SV Grants

During the Gojoy MBA, you must pass each of the 5 Growth Levels. You will get certificates as you reach each growth milestone. At the end of the programme, the best students compete to get one of our Silicon Valley Grants.

The Silicon Valley Grants are a two-week Grant Workshop where the students are flown to Gojoy’s Silicon Valley office. There, Gojoy’s founders mentor the winners and help them take the next step with their ecommerce business.